"the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means"

Levitation was founded in September 2006, when Cloud 9 and Team Trampoline Promotions joined forces. 

Cloud 9 was formed in the late 80s and was originally based at Shenfield High School.  In the mid 90s they moved into Courage Hall, Brentwood where they continued to train until 2007. During this time the coaching of the club was taken over by Dianne Ainsworth who continued to coach until April 2009 when she retired.

Team Trampoline Promotions was started in the late 90s by Carl Furrer, former World Trampoline Champion, and Caroline Arno.  The club was purchased in January 2005 by Robin Atkins, high performance coach.  Former members of the club include Mark Alexander, who was the Olympic reserve in 2000 & 2004.

September 2008, saw the opening of two new training locations at Aldenham and Hatfield, with Hitchin Boys School and Marriotts Gym Centre in Stevenage providing more local training for week day sessions. Friday and Saturday see most competitors training at Hatfield.

In 2011 the Brentwood section of the club moved to the new Trampoline and Activity Centre contributing two trampolines to the set up, and now train alongside Recoil Twisters.  

Now Levitation operates solely out of the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield with additional training at Hitchin.