LEVITATION MEMBERSHIP (inclusive of regional membership) 

£75 every October.  
A reduced rate is available for trampolinists joining part way through the year.


For insurance purposes, everyone who takes part in trampolining must be a member of British Gymnastics.  There are 2 types of membership...

Competitive Gymnast - £41 per year
Non-Competitive Gymnast - £17 per year

This is payable directly to British Gymnastics -

  You may already have membership through a gymnastics club, in which case you will just need to add Levitation to your membership. 


Training fees are payable monthly.  They are dependent on the number of training sessions you attend each week.  Please contact us to find out more.



Why do you want me to pay fees by standing order?

Levitation is run by volunteers who spend a great deal of their spare time sorting out the administration for the club. If you pay by standing order, not only does it guarantee the club a predictable income but it saves hours of chasing people for fees. It takes all term to get the fees from all those who pay termly – and then it’s time to start the next term’s invoices.

Why do I have to join BG and the Eastern region?

British Gymnastics is the National Governing Body for gymnastics. It provides the competition structure, courses for coaches and judges, runs national squads, international competitions and regulates the clubs. This probably has little impact on most of you, but we do have past and present members who have jumped for Great Britain at senior and junior level, and have one member currently in the national scheme. All our coaches have been or are going through the BG system.

The insurance provided by BG is compulsory. Everyone who jumps with us has to be a member of BG or the whole club’s insurance is invalid. You can register for British Gymnastics via their website - 

What does the club do with my membership fee?

Levitation has to pay hall hire fees three months in advance, and need to have funds available to pay these costs.

We pay some travelling expenses to coaches. Other coaches are self-employed and we pay them slightly above minimum wage. Some coaches do not claim anything.

We then have to set aside amounts for servicing the trampolines every year and paying for necessary repairs. A new bed costs about £2500 and a set of springs about £1000. We have to replace throw in mats (£300) on a regular basis. We expect a bed and springs to last about two years – individual springs are replaced frequently.

The committee has recently decided to offer expenses or a payment to officials at competitions. Coaches receive no expenses or payment when they attend competitions.

Where possible the club will also try and cover some entries to competitions throughout the year.

Why are some sessions cancelled at Hatfield?

Hertfordshire Sports Village (HSV) hosts a number of prestigious events, not least our trampolining National Gala in January/February, and to enable these to take place, HSV has to cancel the regular, block bookings it has on those occasions.

Why can alternative sessions not be offered at Hatfield?

We have discussed this with HSV and they did offer alternative sessions. We tried one a while ago – a Sunday afternoon – and found that only one coach and about four jumpers were able to attend. HSV will not offer us any other times during the week.

Why do we use Hitchin when we have to relocate – is there nowhere nearer to Hatfield?

Hitchin is usually able to offer us the same day and almost the same times as we usually jump and this is when people are free to train. We can only choose a venue where there are trampolines. 

What if I don’t want to attend these sessions – do I still have to pay?

Paying monthly for your training sessions holds your place, so you do need to pay, even if you choose to miss a week.

Do I have to pay when I am on holiday, ill or injured?

The fee structure takes into account five weeks of holiday – two are usually taken at Christmas. It also allows for two cancelled sessions a term. If you take more holiday than that – lucky you, but the club cannot afford to keep your place open during that time as our running costs are not reduced.

The same applies to short-term illness.

However, for longer illness or long-term injury, the club will keep your place open and suspend your fees. Please contact the club admin team if this applies to you.

I cannot afford the fees – what should I do?

The club has a hardship committee which will look at individual cases. We will ask for volunteering for the club in return. Please contact the Treasurer in the first instance and she will discuss the process with you.