Levitation Club Kit.

Club T-shirt Packages

All Levitation members are able to purchase a club t-shirt package. This package includes two t-shirts bearing the club logo (1 x Purple & 1 x White). These t-shirts can be worn to training and competitions. 

Various sizes available - £15 for a pack of 2


Competition Kit

For competitions and events, club members are able to purchase the club competition kit. This includes a club competition leotard (with gymnastic trousers for the boys) and plain white socks/trampoline shoes and the option A club tracksuit, body warmer, polo shirt, hoodie, rucksack and holdall are also available to purchase. Order forms can be found on the 'Members Hub' page.

Club Leotards 

 Club leotards are ordered throughout the year at regular intervals. As the designs are custom made we are unable to order leotards individually and therefore have to complete a team order. If you would like to order one, please fill out the order form which can be found on the 'Members Hub' page and we will inform you when the next order will be. 


The girls club leotard has been exclusively provided by Milano Pro Sport. It is black, purple and silver with diamantes and an embroidered club logo and costs £60 including a scrunchie.


The boys club leotard and stirrups are also exclusively provided by Milano Pro Sport. The leotard and stirrups cost between £60 and £65 depending on size.